I absolutely loved Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen series on HBO. As a longtime comic book reader, I was a bit wary of a Watchmen series, but Lindelof and company knocked it out of the park in my opinion.

The Ever Living Mumm-Ra!

The nostalgia train rolls on, as I draw some of my favorite characters from childhood. He-Man and Orko, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, and now the villain of the Thundercats cartoon- Mumm-Ra! Pen and ink, toned with Copic markers and colored in Photoshop.

Knowing is Half the Battle!

Continuing my 80’s nostalgia theme (Thundercats fans check back tomorrow), here are my two favorite characters from the beloved 80’s cartoon/toy line G.I. Joe. GO JOE! Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow:

Game of Thrones Babies: The Mountain!

The votes have been counted, and Game of Thrones Babies has won handily to be my next art project. So, without further ado, here is the first one: The Mountain That Rides, aka Gregor Clegane. As a baby.