What the what?

Good morning! It’s morning somewhere, right? I hear you asking yourself “What is this ‘Jomiha’ I see before me?” with an incredulous British accent. Fear not! All shall be explained!

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Joel Micah Harris, but my nom de plume on the internet is an amalgamation thereof- “JoMiHa”. If you could imagine me reading this next line in the voice of Troy McClure, I’d appreciate it. “You may have seen my work on such websites as MTV Geek, MSNBC Morning Joe, Gizmodo and Bleeding Cool, as well as in such publications as Wizard Magazine, Cereal: Geek, Omega Chase, Dragon Cross, and many more!”  Thank you. Now imagine this part in my regular voice, which, I guess you can’t, because you’ve never heard my voice. Just imagine the voice of Morgan Freeman then.

“I remember the first time I met Joel Micah Harris. He was a struggling artist in Western Pennsylvania in the late 90’s, mostly trying to break into the comic book business as a colorist.”  Okay, this isn’t working. Just read this in whatever voice you normally hear in your head when you read About pages on websites that are testing your patience.

I am now based in Springfield, IL, and I am still a struggling artist, but I’ve gotten a bit of buzz from my Super Manatee series the past two years or so, for which I am very thankful. I work a desk job by day and pursue an art career in my off-hours, but I plan to reverse that, with the exception being that I wouldn’t pursue a desk job in my off-hours, because why would I do that? It doesn’t make sense.

For now, this site is acting as a showcase for my art and as a way to keep in touch with my rabid fan base (all three of you!). I’d love to branch out to include writing and podcasting. Stay tuned for more on that! Regardless of how this evolves, I want you along for the ride. I welcome any and all feedback, be it critical or slathering me with unwarranted praise. I love being slathered.  Who doesn’t?


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