Man of Action

I’ve been wanting to draw Bernie for a while, but when I saw that he stopped his press conference to attend to a man who passed out in the audience, I realized just how I wanted to draw him. I thought in that moment that he was a man of action. I feel that wayContinue reading “Man of Action”


Okay, this is big update. I’ve just finished my Sea Wars project, which puts several of my favorite OG Star Wars characters into the undersea world of Manatees! This is my followup (almost four years in the making) to the superhero manatee project that was a big success. I’m hoping this one takes off asContinue reading “SEA WARS!!”

Super Manatees!

I’m most known for my “Super Manatee” series. I am aware that some of these are technically Dugongs. For that, I apologize, kind of. It was meant for fun. I started the series on a lark, thinking “Ha…Batmanatee would be a funny image”. It spiraled out of control from there. Which one is your favorite?Continue reading “Super Manatees!”